Preventative Care

One of the most important aspects of dentistry is preventing the onset of dental problems and oral diseases. By avoiding the need for treatments further down the track, preventative dentistry saves you time, effort and money.

Regular dental assessments are a key aspect of preventative dentistry and should be conducted every six months. This allows us to perform a comprehensive exam of your gums, teeth and entire mouth structure. It also enables you to learn more about maintaining good oral hygiene, including how to brush and floss your teeth correctly.

We also recommend getting a professional clean regularly, which involves carefully scaling and polishing the teeth, and applying fluoride to prevent tooth decay. If required, x-rays or other dental technologies may be utilised to better assess the state of your oral health, or simple preventative measures such as fissure sealants may be applied.

Preventative dentistry falls back into your hands between appointments. Maintaining a healthy oral care routine at home is essential. Remember to brush your teeth at least twice daily to remove food particles, plaque and bacteria. Also floss daily to ensure you reach between the teeth and gums to clean those areas that are hard to reach with a toothbrush. Be sure to consume a healthy diet that is low in acids, sugars and starches, and rich in vitamins and minerals that will keep you in good health.

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