TMJ Treatment

TMJ treatment is used to relieve pain and address issues relating to the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), which is located where the skull and lower jaw meet in front of the ear. Dysfunction of the TMJ is commonly caused by stress, which causes sufferers to clench their jaw and sometimes grind their teeth.

Over time, the repeated compression of the jaw joints can lead to an altered bite, as well as result in symptoms such as frequent headaches, a clicking jaw, dizziness, stiff neck and jaw muscles, ear aches, neck and back pain. Sometimes the TMJ can even become dislocated.

As the TMJ is responsible for executing everyday functions such as opening and closing the mouth, talking, swallowing, breathing, chewing and yawning, TMJ treatment is important.

If you experience any TMJ discomfort or associated symptoms, call our friendly team to book an appointment so we can determine the severity of the issue and provide some tailored treatment solutions.

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