General Dentistry

By attending regular dental check-ups, any problems can be detected in the early stages and, if required, general dentistry procedures are performed to address the issue. Common dental problems that are detected include early signs of tooth decay, tooth cavities, damaged tooth fillings, gum disease and loose or chipped teeth. Possible treatment options include fillings, custom-fitted mouthguards, root canals, crowns, and tooth extraction, among others. These may be completed quickly in one appointment or over a sequence of appointments if one sitting is not possible.

General Dentistry - Maryborough Dentists - Mary River Dental

At your appointment, we encourage you to raise any concerns of your own – especially if you are experiencing any pain or discomfort, or if the function and range of motion of your mouth is adversely affected. While we diagnose dental problems through a comprehensive inspection, and possibly x-rays, you personally see, feel and use your teeth every day, so your feedback is valuable.

The team at Mary River Dental are committed to your ongoing oral health and make it their top priority. If more than six months has passed since you last visited us, look after your smile by contacting our friendly team to schedule an appointment today.

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