Teeth Whitening

Get a whiter smile the convenient way. 

Teeth whitening is the most common treatment for discoloured, stained or yellowed teeth. Professional teeth whitening does not harm tooth enamel if carried out under the guidance of a dental clinician.

It’s also a convenient and safe way to obtain a brighter and whiter smile, at an reasonable price.

Take-home kits

Mary River Dental provide professional take-home whitening kits with custom-moulded trays for patients who want whiter teeth.

During your consultation, we take moulds of your teeth to create your custom trays. You can then take home the trays with the whitening solution to use at home.

Our dental clinicians also provide care instructions to ensure you whiter teeth for longer.

While over-the counter whitening products may promise to whiten your teeth in the same way, the reality is that they’re not as effective as prescribed whitening treatments from your dentist. This is because bleach concentration in professional whitening products are much stronger than those from pharmacies.

Not all patients are suitable candidates for teeth whitening and results can vary between patients. This is why it’s important to consult your dentist to see if you’re eligible.

If you are interested in whiter teeth, contact our team at Mary River Dental on (07) 4121 3430 to arrange a consultation.

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